Prepare to be overwhelmed to flabbergastion as you see incredible feats of dexterity, sophistication and objectification unlike anything you’ve seen from our primate ancestors before. This isn’t your run of the mill animal show here, folks -- no sir, you are in for something special! Behold the brilliance of Maitresse Magnificent and Charles the Chimp as they enslave your sympathy in a frivolous display of crowd pleasing entertainments and skills including Chinese pole, hoop diving and audience interaction. Then let them captivate you with taboo acts of subjugation!

After making audiences go bananas at the Edmonton and Vancouver Fringe Festivals in Canada, receiving a four-star review from Global News and the inaugural Artistic Risk Award in Vancouver, The Greatest Monkey Show On Earth, presented by Ross Travis' company Antic in a Drain, swings home to San Francisco. Don’t miss out as Ross Travis, San Francisco based, international performing Chinese pole acrobat and bouffon, pairs up with Chelsey award-winning comedienne Amelia Van Brunt (recently seen in and co-creator of Fou Fou Ha’s international smash hit WHOA-MAN), as they go ape and fling this critically acclaimed show to the next limb.

“Amazes with an acrobatic, darkly funny show! No monkey biz! 4 out of 5 Stars”

– Todd James, Global News

“What impressed me about the work is the consistent physicality and commitment to character. The work is hilarious, risky, intelligent, surprising and unexpected.  I used all my senses.”

– Abigail Munn, Founder and Artistic Director,  Circus Bella

“Visually delightful and emotionally manipulative…I’ve never enjoyed being uncomfortable so thoroughly!”

– Glenn Howe