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The Spaghetti Monologues

  • Little Boxes Theater 1661 Tennessee Street San Francisco, CA, 94107 United States (map)

Amelia will be performing a brand new devised piece, "The Lady of Bogochar" in "The Spaghetti Monologues"

"No, this IS NOT Vagina Monologues in spaghetti! Albeit, the lead performers own vaginas. No, this show is something . . . else, of the like you've never witnessed in your adult life. This, my friends, is a balanced meal of ridiculous proportions. Join us on a Tuesday evening to enjoy the finger-licking courses we have in store.

Women swimming in irreverence of deities, homages to the past, transport gone wrong, complications of love and lust, relatable predicaments and sauce - lots of sauce. The weirdest meal you'll ever experience!

Apertif: Opening Invocation; "Not Your Mom's Chicken Soup" read by Aaron Simunovich
Wine throughout Dinner: Music by Karen Penley; 'Shitty Little Feelings in a Pretty High Voice'
Soup and Salad: Born Again in Sauce; "Welcome to Life" read by Christina Linksey
First course: Spaghetti a la Cilla; "Pavement Crossing" by Edna Mira Raia
Second Course: Spaghetti a la Russa; "The Lady of Bogochar" by Amelia Van Brunt
Third course: Spaghetti de la Mer; "Chloe and the Big Blue" by Edna Mira Raia
Dessert: Ode to Josephine Baker; "A Food Lover's Dance" by Christina Linksey

Spaghetti Monologues began as a photo shoot idea, but a show manifested to use this amount of pasta to its full potential. "Hold Onto Your Hats!" You've never seen this much spaghetti!
Concerns: Inappropriate imagery? Yes. This is an 18+ show. There will be nudity. Waste? No. All spaghetti is locally composted in a friend’s garden which feeds masses of people. Hunger? Spaghetti will be available to eat for a small fee, or off of the bodies, under discretion of artists, for a seasoned donation. Seating is limited. Buy your tickets now!"